Level 4 Press Author Royalties

As many of you know, I own Level 4 Press, Inc. (L4P), an independent book publisher. Through our 12 year history we’ve followed the industry model of paying authors a 10% royalty on book sales.  With the creation of the Level 4 Films division of L4P, we’ve rethought the strategy of the company in general and our relationship with authors in particular. We’ve decided that our objective is to develop long term author relationships, working with authors to help build their success as writers over an entire career. In the end, we’ll both benefit as the author becomes every more successful in the book, film, and television space. As part of this long term partnership strategy, we’ve thrown out the 10% royalty model and changed to a 50%/50% split model, reflective of the partnership nature of this journal.  If you’re a successful writer on the way up in your career trajectory, and you’d like to explore working with us, let me know.