In Britain, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence sets up guidelines about who should live
and who should die for terminal patients.  What happens when they decide your comatose
mother must die?  What starts out as a debate about issues of nationalized health care quickly
turns into a debate about the value of human life.
Tess, 52 years old, lives in London, England
Elizabeth, forty two years old, lives in New York, NY
Frank, forty years old, lives in Clayton, Iowa
Dawn, thirty eight years old, lives in Berkeley, CA

All of the characters are children of Margaret, who is referenced during the play but never
appears on stage.  Tess is from Margaret’s first marriage, the others are from her second.
The play takes play in Tess’s
London apartment.
N.I.C.E. is scheduled for a
reading in San Diego on 5
February, and for a three
week run at The Grand
Theater in NYC this June.