A slapstick romantic-comedy.  William Hoffentoft, the head of a family business of questionable
legality, is dead.  His nephew Jim is the heir apparent, but what's a nice guy like Jim going to do
with a moral dilemma like this?  His plastic attractive fiance Barbie doesn't care as long as the
money keeps coming in.  William's business partner Dillon and his Aunt Elizabeth have their own
ideas of who should be running the business.  William's mother Nellie might have some
suggestions if she wasn't deaf and senile.  So that leaves it up to Kate, a friendly psychic, Kate's
friend Lucy, and of course, Jim's friend Bonzo.
Jim Hoffentoft, the heir to an assassin dynasty
Barbie, his plastic attractive fiance
Elizabeth, his ambitious aunt
Dillon, Elizabeth's co-conspirator
Bonzo, Jim's friend and advisor
Nellie, the senile matriarch of the family
Kate, a psychic who is just what Jim needs
Lucy, Kate's friend
The play takes place in the
Parlor of the Hoffentoft
mansion, and in Kate's
psychic shop.
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The play has had one
reading in San Diego
directed by Regina